How It Works

Second medical opinion on FMLA certification made easy.

How We Get it Done?

SecondOpinionExpert, Inc. leverages its technology platform customized to the clients administrators for obtaining second opinion on medical certification for their employees under Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA).

Physician assessment on FMLA medical certification such as:

  • Medical certification is appropriate.
  • Medical certification is not appropriate.
  • Denied, due to lack of supporting medical documents.

Content of the Certification from Primary Health Care Provider: Information on the certification may include the contact information for the health care provider; the date the serious health condition began and how long it will last; appropriate medical facts about the condition; for leave for the employee’s own serious health condition, information showing that the employee cannot perform the essential functions of the job; for leave to care for a family member, a statement of the care needed; for intermittent leave, information showing the medical necessity for intermittent or reduced schedule leave and either the dates of any planned leave or the estimated frequency and duration of expected incapacity due to the condition.


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