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  • Valid license to practice medicine in at least one state
  • Valid board certification in any of our Specialties
  • Current or prior attending privileges in a US hospital
  • At least five years clinical experience in a Specialty


Through the cutting-edge technology of its XperTeleConsult™ system, Second Opinion Expert allows users to store and share subjective health-related information along with objective medical data. We collect this extensive health-related information, synthesize it into an easily comprehensible format and allow our users to share access to their eHealth Record with whomever they choose. If the patient has a medical condition for which they are seeking a second opinion, we deliver their comprehensive medical profile via an encrypted and secure network to an appropriate member of our nationwide panel of renowned Physician Specialists. We provide patients with reliable medical second opinions that help prevent misdiagnoses and unnecessary treatments.

As healthcare delivery shifts to a patient-controlled model of care, Second Opinion Expert is poised to lead that transition by providing our eHealth Records and Second Opinion services.


  • Mark McDonald, M.D.


    I was very impressed with the web portal. It was easy to use, intuitive, and responsive. I particularly liked the navigation of the report formatting page, which has a hyperlinked navigation bar on the left that tracks the content on the right. The preview screen is also very well-designed. The final product, as seen through the preview screen, looks very professional.

  • George E. Chaux, M.D.

    Pulmonary Medicine and Critical Care

    The platform was easy to access and easy to use.


  • 1 You have mentioned that my compensation will be 50% of the total Second Opinion fee; what is that based on and how much can I expect to receive?

    Individual patients may obtain a Second Opinion from us by paying the full Second Opinion fee at the time they request a Second Opinion. The physician who provides the Second Opinion (the “Second Opinion Physician”) will receive 50% of the full Second Opinion fee. In addition to servicing individual patients, we expect to establish contracts with insurance companies and employers to provide Second Opinions on a subscription price per insured/employee basis. Regardless of whether a Second Opinion is provided through such a subscription agreement or to an individual patient paying in full, we will pay our Second Opinion physicians 50% of the Second Opinion fee we would charge to an individual patient.

  • 2 What is the projected number of Second Opinions you are expecting that a physician will be able to complete in one hour using your technology platform?

    This will depend on various factors such as the complexity of the case and the physician’s familiarity with using our platform. We have developed a sophisticated interface that makes it easy for our physicians to view the patient’s medical information and records and provide a Second Opinion directly through our site. Based on our best estimates, we expect that once a physician becomes familiar with this interface, he/she will be able to complete two Second Opinions per hour for complex cases and three to four second opinions per hour for less complex cases. The patient will also have an option to select an additional video interaction with the physician, which the physician shall schedule in advance. Further, we anticipate accepting international patients with higher fees associated with their Second Opinions.

  • 3 What expenses do you anticipate me to cover? Do I have to provide my own malpractice insurance? How about billing and collections?

    We expect you to have your own computer, preferably with a camera (to enable interactive video conference) with a reliable internet connection. That is all! You will be directly accessing all of the patient’s information, test results, images, etc. on our secured server through a HIPAA compliant process. We provide malpractice insurance for all of our Consulting Panel Physicians. Our malpractice insurance covers any work you do on our behalf and in furtherance of the services we provide. Further, we do all of the billing, patient payment processing and collections. The amounts due to you for the Second Opinions you provide shall be deposited in your bank account per your instructions.

  • 4 What is your marketing approach and how do you go about establishing rates for second opinions?

    Our rates have been established based on our in-depth market analysis of current rate structures in place in insurance companies, self-insured employers and the private self-pay environment. We will continually reassess our rates based on the emerging healthcare reform and its impacts. We are planning to negotiate rates with specific commercial carriers, health plans and employers for our services. In addition, we will be utilizing internet-based marketing and outreach mechanisms. We are developing a strategy to penetrate the international market through employment/affiliations with select local physicians in specifically targeted countries. In the future, we likely will have premium pricing for patients who wish to choose a specific doctor to review their case, which will mean higher payments for the Second Opinion physician.

  • 5 If a patient chooses to come to a Consulting Panel Physician for subsequent treatments and/or procedures, does the Physician have to split the related fees and charges with SecondOpinionExpert, Inc.?

    No. Once the Second Opinion physician provides his/her Second Opinion and issues a report containing his/her evaluation of the patient’s condition and any potential treatment recommendations (the “Second Opinion Report”), the Second Opinion physician’s role in the Second Opinion process is complete, and our relationship with that patient ends there as well. While the Second Opinion physician is prohibited from initiating direct contact with the patient, if that patient decides that they want to see the Second Opinion physician in his/her office or clinic, that patient can become a regular patient, and the physician assumes all responsibility for insurance, billing and collections. We have no obligations or rights with respect of that patient’s treatment at that point. However, if the same patient returns for another Second Opinion through our system, that individual shall be treated by us as a new Second Opinion.

  • 6 How would I be notified of a request for a Second Opinion and how do you select the physician to provide the Second Opinion? Also, how much time do I have to complete my review?

    When we receive a request for a Second Opinion, we immediately send an e-mail and text message to a group of appropriate physicians, as determined by criteria such as the patient’s initial diagnosis, patient’s state of residence, physician specialty, etc. The Second Opinion shall be assigned to the first physician who responds and accepts the Second Opinion request. This Second Opinion physician must complete the Second Opinion Report within two business days from the time at which we initially received the request for the Second Opinion. When we send the initial Second Opinion request to the appropriate group of physicians, it will include the exact time at which the Second Opinion Report is due.

    We have developed, through utilization of our intelligent algorithms, programs and dictionaries, an organized synopsis of the patient submitted information to facilitate and expedite your review. In addition, we are continually enhancing the process of quickly accessing test results and imaging studies, as well as generating your Second Opinion Report, in order to streamline the process of providing a Second Opinion.

  • 7 Can I choose to decline to accept a case? And what are my liabilities if I choose to not associate with your company anymore?

    Yes, you can choose to decline any Second Opinion request and there is no obligation that you provide a certain number of Second Opinions. You may accept only those Second Opinions which you choose. Further, as our Consulting Panel Member Agreement states, you can resign from our Panel at any time without any reason and you shall be paid all of your outstanding fees for the services performed up to that point in time.

  • 8 Can I recommend other physicians for your Consulting Panel?

    Yes, we encourage you to recommend physicians in every state and for any specialty and we shall have them go through the application process. We go through a due diligence process in our reviews and all applications are also reviewed by our Advisory Board Member of the particular specialty. Our goal is to have as many of the top quality independent physicians in the country as possible and we certainly would appreciate your assistance in the recruitment of such physicians from all of our 50 states.

  • 9 When can I get an introduction to your online system for review and comments?

    Your comments and suggestions are most welcome! and we look forward to working with you to continue to enhance its capabilities and to simplify user interaction at the physician and patient points of contacts.

  • 10 How can I contact you for questions or comments?

    We are eager to hear from you and you can always contact us at: info@secondopinionexpert.com or at 800-638-4716 ext. 805 We shall get back to you promptly.

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