• XperTeleConsult™

    Makes obtaining a medical opinion easy and affordable

  • Independent Medical Evaluation

    Objective medical opinion for FECA, FMLA and Insurance claims

  • Software as a Service

    Fully customizable state of the art technology platform

  • XperTeleRadiology™

    Real-time cardio monitoring and management

  • Foundation

    Given in a spirit of Care. Dignity. Compassion.

Smart, Proactive, Informed Second Opinions
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What We Do

Improving Health Outcomes by Empowering Patients in Informed Medical Decision Making

Streamlines the process of obtaining a medical second opinion by connecting patients, veterans, employers and insurance adjusters with independent expert physicians. Our innovative technology platform synthesizes medical data into a convenient report and efficiently delivers it to physicians.


Through the cutting-edge technology of its XperTeleConsult™ system, Second Opinion Expert allows users to store and share subjective health-related information along with objective medical data. Read more »

Independent Medical Evaluation

We manage your entire medical condition assessment process by connecting you with a physician in our expert panel, confirming your appointment, and submitting and securing the delivery of your report using our technology platform. Read more »

Software as a Service

We have developed solutions to help healthcare providers implement a telemedicine solution focused on bringing doctors closer to patients, letting them interact seamlessly and arrive at the best treatment plan. Read more »


Our web-based solution provides the freedom of mobility for cardiologists and referring physicians, regardless of their physical location ultimately providing improved patient care. Read more »


Ananda Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to bring innovation in Healthcare management to the lives of people by providing medical services online (Telemedicine) for deserving neurological patients from all over the world. Read more »


We provide a convenient site to store and access all of your health information and medical records. Read more »


Imporving Healthcare. Reducing Costs

OPTIMIZE TREATMENT & AVOID UNNECESSARY RISKS Beyond the diagnosis, a second opinion provides us with a chance to ask questions, understand the options, and help in deciding whether to proceed with a potentially risky therapy or not and thereby restore confidence that the treatment plan recommended is appropriate.

COST SAVING FROM AVOIDING UNNECESSARY SURGERY Good medical services provide smart, proactive, and informed choices that patients can trust with confidence.

FROM THE COMFORT OF YOUR HOME The advantages of second opinions are many: financial, physical and psychological. Providing these services remotely via our cutting-edge HIPAA-compliant technology, XperTeleConsult™ system, will improve patient access to medical care and no need for fixing appointments, waiting at the clinic, privacy, etc.

IMPROVE HEALTHCARE OUTCOMES Second opinions have been found to bring down cost of healthcare and reduces misdiagnoses.


Hear from the experts

This is what the expert says about our platform.

  • "We are a part of a whole change in the paradigm of how medical care is to be delivered in the 21st century."DR. Mark K. Urman

  • "SecondOpinionExpert can provide patients with a very quick and very relatively inexpensive Second Opinion."Dr. Joshua Ellenhorn

  • "There is no emotional tie to the case, there is no economic connection between the doctors, I think this make it much clearer opinion to get."Dr. Jonathan I. Macy

  • "A company like SecondOpinionExpert is much more likely be able to control healthcare costs at least through the reduction in the number of unnecessary examinations."Dr. Peter J. Julien

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300+ Highly Qualified Physicians

30+ Medical Specialties

10+ Telemedicine Solutions

15+ Recent Partnerships


Access to over 300 highly skilled physicians spanning across 30+ specialties,
specially handpicked by our expert panel of seasoned medical professionals.

  • David Smoger, M.D.
    David Smoger, M.D.
  • Shirah Vollmer, M.D.
    Shirah Vollmer, M.D.
  • Prasad A. Ananda, M.D.
    Prasad A. Ananda, M.D.
  • John Enayati, M.D.
    John Enayati, M.D.
  • Mehryar Taban, M.D.
    Mehryar Taban, M.D.
  • Pricha Boonswang, M.D.
    Pricha Boonswang, M.D.
  • Ravi D. Rao, M.D.
    Ravi D. Rao, M.D.
  • George W. Balfour, M.D.
    George W. Balfour, M.D.
  • Millard H. Zisser, M.D.
    Millard H. Zisser, M.D.
  • William R. Gallivan, M.D.
    William R. Gallivan, M.D.
  • Solomon L. Hamburg, M.D.
    Solomon L. Hamburg, M.D.
  • Mark McDonald, M.D.
    Mark McDonald, M.D.
  • David Kulber, M.D., F.A.C.S.
    David Kulber, M.D., F.A.C.S.
  • Keith L. Klein, M.D.
    Keith L. Klein, M.D.
  • Sheila Kar, M.D., F.A.C.C.
    Sheila Kar, M.D., F.A.C.C.
  • Eduardo A. Guzman, M.D.
    Eduardo A. Guzman, M.D.
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  • I heard what my doctor thinks; now I want a second opinion. How do I get one?

    There’s almost no excuse for not getting a second opinion today, especially with the prevalence of electronic health records, easy uploading of data and access to video conferencing. All of these technological advances are reducing “the geographic barriers to care,” Read more »
  • SecondOpinionExpert and Biotex Solutions Form Strategic Partnership.

    The partnership will combine SecondOpinionExpert’s innovative technology platform, with Biotex’s committed team of experts who understand the medical and testing industries. Read more »
  • SecondOpinionExpert and Bodhi Health Form Strategic Partnership

    This partnership leverages SecondOpinionExpert’s cutting edge information technology and network of 250+ top US medical experts and the “Bodhi Health Cloud,” which provides healthcare solutions to hospitals, physicians and related healthcare parties across China. Read more »
  • SecondOpinionExpert and Massive Bio Form Strategic Partnership

    The strategic partnership will allow patients already benefitting from the Massive Bio platform to seamlessly access the SecondOpinionExpert platform and viceversa. Read more »
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