Provides Innovative, Patient - Centered Healthcare Services


Upload, store and share records and health information with someone you trust. We’ll help you through the process of answering our comprehensive questionnaire and creating your Health Summary Report.


Submit your Second Opinion Request to our panel of Physician Specialists and receive a Second Opinion Report containing an evaluation of your medical condition.


This service is facilitated by Second Opinion Expert’s smart, secure and HIPAA-compliant online technology platform which allows patients to conveniently use our service from the comfort of their homes when considering any major, elective surgical procedure or intensive treatment protocol. Additionally, in cases where a major medical procedure or other high risk medical therapy has not been advised by the primary physician, many patients may nevertheless have doubts and want to confirm the diagnosis with Second Opinion Expert’s independent, unbiased experts in the field.

SecondOpinionExpert, Inc. is a California-based corporation which specializes in providing medical second opinions to patients through our panel of renowned, Board Certified Physician Specialists covering all medical specialties.


    The patient’s complete medical history is obtained by this process:

  • Our proprietary system prompts various detailed clinical questions relevant to your health and specific condition(s) so that our physicians can have the benefit of your comprehensive health profile.
  • You will also be asked to submit your health data, such as for lab results, radiology images, medications and any other medical reports.
  • This information is analyzed and organized by our smart, computerized algorithms and, along with all of your submitted health data, is presented to the appropriate Physician Specialist for a complete review.
  • The Physician Specialist generates an online Second Opinion Report specific to your case.
  • An optional interactive video consultation (additional fee incurred) can also be scheduled between the patient and the Physician Specialist.