Our Mission

Improving Healthcare, Reducing Costs

As healthcare delivery shifts to a patient-controlled model of care, Second Opinion Expert is poised to lead that transition by providing our eHealth Records and Second Opinion services.


At Second Opinion Expert we believe that evidence-based medicine requires smart, proactive, and informed second opinions that patients can trust with confidence!


Medical treatment options, as well as diagnoses themselves, often differ depending on the physician. Further, misdiagnoses can result in unnecessary treatments and even life-altering outcomes. Researchers have found that diagnostic errors account for nearly 29% of all medical insurance claims.

Second Opinion Expert offers exclusive, one-on-one, online, professional diagnostic evaluations to patients across the United States. Second Opinion Expert’s skilled panel is comprised of hundreds of Physician Specialists with exemplary academic credentials as well as significant patient care experience in all major diagnostic specialties and sub-specialties.

No longer do patients seeking a dependable second medical advisory opinion need to travel, disrupt their lives, or rely on physicians whose competence they may question. The patient can now remain in the supportive network of family and friends, confident that he/she can receive an efficient, effective, and compassionate consultation.

Utilizing proprietary processing technology and databases, Second Opinion Expert’s network of Physician Specialists reviews the patient’s prior tests and symptoms. Thereafter, the assigned Physician Specialist may interact with the patient through a secure video link allowing for meaningful and instructive face-to-face counseling and next treatment advice.

If you or your loved one has been diagnosed with a serious disease and provided various preoperative and postoperative treatment options, Second Opinion Expert can assist you in navigating through the confusing and expensive medical treatment process.


  • Provide users with a convenient site to store and access all of their health information and medical records.
  • Share their health information and medical records with their physicians.
  • Avoid incorrect diagnoses (12 million occur in the U.S. every year).
  • Help patients avoid redundant, unnecessary and costly medical procedures and tests.
  • Empower patients with additional treatment options.
  • Reduce hospital readmissions.
  • Provide peace of mind to patients and their families.