Provides Innovative, Patient - Centered Healthcare Services

We revolutionize the way patients, employers, lawyers and insurance adjusters interact with physicians for obtaining medical second opinion. Our innovative technology platform synthesizes medical data into a convenient report and efficiently delivers it to physicians.


Through the cutting-edge technology of its XperTeleConsult system, Second Opinion Expert allows users to store and share subjective health-related information along with objective medical data. We collect this extensive health-related information, synthesize it into an easily comprehensible format and allow our users to share access to their eHealth Record with whomever they choose. If the patient has a medical condition for which they are seeking a second opinion, we deliver their comprehensive medical profile via an encrypted and secure network to an appropriate member of our nationwide panel of renowned Physician Specialists. We provide patients with reliable online medical second opinions that help prevent misdiagnoses and unnecessary treatments.

Need an expert second opinion?

Independent Medical Evaluation

We manage your entire medical condition assessment process by connecting you with a physician in our expert panel, confirming your appointment, and submitting and securing the delivery of your report using our technology platform. We are dedicated to providing high levels of customer service and to making your Independent medical evaluation (IME) process easy to schedule and manage. We have been facilitating comprehensive, unbiased, objective, and evidence-based medical assessments and file reviews for Federal Employees Compensation Act (FECA), Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and Auto Insurance Claims.

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Software as a Service

We have developed solutions to help healthcare providers implement a telemedicine solution focused on bringing doctors closer to patients, letting them interact seamlessly and arrive at the best treatment plan. We have the expertise to quickly assess your particular needs and rapidly develop a telemedicine package that is custom-tailored to your patients, your medical records, your facility's infrastructure, AND your budget.

Our solution easily integrates with a wide range of off-the-shelf or custom web based solutions Most importantly, we provide the training and support for our solutions that ensure your staff can ramp up quickly and realize concrete improvements in patient satisfaction and productivity.


XperTeleRadiology is a HIPAA compliant cloud-based platform which provides an extensive set of powerful tools for monitoring, managing, reporting, and distribution of radiology studies. The fully customizable platform delivers superior performance, flexibility and reliability combined with ease of use and access to multi-modality patient imaging datasets; anytime-anywhere. With a specific focus on revolutionizing the practice for cardio and vascular specialists, the XperTeleCardio on-the-go offers and supports ECG and Holter monitoring, remote interpretation and cardiac data management, ultimately ensuring timely and improved patient care.

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Ananda Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to bring innovation in Healthcare management to the lives of people by providing medical services online (Telemedicine) for deserving neurological patients from all over the world. This includes clinical knowledge exchange, health technology implementation, and patient treatment in collaboration with the areas of telemedicine, tele-radiology services, and remote medical opinions/second opinions.

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Post Acute Nursing

Offering a sense of relief to patients & their families by helping them find the best long-term care solution for their specific needs.

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We provide a convenient site to store and access all of your health information and medical records. The users can Upload, store and share records and health information with someone they trust. Platform provides the capability to create health summary report based on our comprehensive questionnaire. Users can share their health information and medical records with their physicians.